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Club Med Sahoro Hokkaido: Interiors by Miaja Design Group

A stunning family resort, newly refurbished Club Med Sahoro Hokkaido is one of MIAJA Design Group’s recently completed interior design projects, inspired by the local Ainu Culture and Japanese tradition. Touted as one of the best travel destinations in Asia with idyllic views, Club Med Sahoro Hokkaido is the perfect resort to reconnect with loved ones and begin new traditions amongst the snow-topped peaks of the Hidaka Mountains.

Surrounded by a magnificent Hidaka mountain range, guests can experience the exclusivity of a privately-owned mountain on Mount Sahoro and be amazed by the fine Japanese powder snow and beautiful landscape while zipping down the pristine slopes. Traditional Japanese culture is at the forefront of Club Med Sahoro Hokkaido’s design philosophy with a blend of authentic Ainu designs and the latest modern amenities. The fresh new look is reflected in the newly refurbished rooms that combine a level of nuanced modernity with traditional Japanese aesthetics while preserving the beauty and splendour of the Ainu culture.

The interior concept for the newly refurbished resort is inspired by the Ainu Culture of Hokkaido. The design aims to honor local traditions without losing the lively and convivial essence of the Club Med brand and appeals to international resort guests looking for a luxury ski resort with modern comfort.

Isabelle Miaja, founder of Miaja Design Group comments:

“ I want the resort guests to experience a traditional Japanese setting with a contemporary feel. I like to take creative inspiration from local culture and translate the beauty of these traditions into a modern aesthetic with a unique stamp of authenticity.”

Guests can immerse in the hidden traditions of the Ainu, an indigenous group hailing from Hokkaido, Japan at Club Med. Known as the “bear people”, the group use a myriad of patterns and carvings to create craft pieces that express their appreciation of nature to decorate a variety of everyday items. The concept is reflected in Club Med Sahoro’s design, integrating the traditional carvings, weavings and embroideries of the Ainu with a modern sleek aesthetic.

Minimalist, low rise furniture and fittings are reminiscent of traditional Japanese décor such as tatami and tea rooms, and give the rooms a modern, comfortable feel. Light, rice straw toned woods create a quiet, meditative atmosphere where guests can enjoy the perfectly framed views of the snow-topped peaks and feel a strong connection to nature .The colour palette is guided by the hues of vibrant regional lakes and flowers; translated in subtle furnishings, fabrics and accessories. Earth-tones were selected to create a rustic Japanese feel.

In the public areas, the design concept continues, with traditional Ainu-inspired elements, with Japanese patterns and textures with contemporary, straight lines. To suit the modern traveller; all guestrooms and public areas come equipped with the modern amenities, technology and connectivity expected from luxury ski resort world-leader ClubMed.

Images by: Club Med,

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