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Available Services

Conceptual Architecture

Miaja's team work delivers a cohesive and unified project scope, integrating all the elements of the design process and delivery, including the architectural objectives for each property.

Art Consultancy

MIAJA Gallery & Miaja Art Collections curators work closely with our in-house Interior Design Team to create a carefully selected Art portfolio for each client. ​Art pieces are chosen by taking inspiration from the local Art Scene of each project location to complement the aesthetics, enhance ambience and create an unforgettable visitor experience.

Interior Design

MIAJA's unique & innovative vision of Interior Design is reflected in our full range of services, specific to each client's requirements for the project.  MIAJA's Interior Design Team works on projects for leading Hotel Operators, Resorts, Commercial, Residential and F&B clients across the world. 

Graphic Design & Signage

Each property and space is designed with a specific set of parameters set by the Architecture and Interior Design. The design language of the project can be translated into graphics and signage. Each property is researched, documented and curated individually resulting in the highest standards of design.

Lighting and Design Consultancy

Expertly selected lighting designs and mood settings have become essential ingredients in the success of Interior Design and Architectural Projects.To implement a lighting design that delivers on this vital part of each project, our specialised team keeps up to date with the latest technologies and innovations, always keeping in mind sustainability and ensuring there is a perfect balance between beautiful lighting themes and reduced energy. 


We can offer the highest level custom design & build solutions for both Residential and commercial projects with the help of our trusted business partner.

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