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Private Residential Project Feature: Luxus Hills View, Singapore


Art Deco, short for Arts Décoratifs, is characterized by rich colours, bold geometry, and decadent detail work. Having reached the height of its popularity in the 1920s to the 40s, the style still brings in glamour, luxury, and order with symmetrical designs in exuberant shapes and forms.

“I personally have always loved Art Deco for it has a great range to play with” mentions Isabelle Miaja. For this this residential project Isabelle felt it was suiting not only the spaces but also the personality of the client.

Designing with Art Deco gave Isabelle the opportunity to introduce jewel colours, geometric shapes with gold accents as well as reflective materials and textures to give a sense of glamour without being ostentatious.

The Entrance to the home is designed mainly with natural landscape that gives the space a cooling effect – The cabinetry blends with the walls, subtle and practical design giving the extra storage needed. A marble ledge being both ornamental yet practical.

The open Living, Dining and Dry Kitchen are each given a specific design but overall, the atmosphere blends together – The Living room sets the tone with emerald teal as the main ascent colour that resonates throughout the home, peppered with soft tonalities of gold and creams, the art deco style furniture brings a sense of tailoring without being overly extravagant – “The shapes are round and soft to the eye and comfort was at the top of our design choices” mentions Isabelle. The Living Area was not

to be an “apparat” room but a room where the family would gather, receive friends without fuss.

The materials such as marble and satin gold were chosen for their undeniable sense of luxury, white carrara marble as the TV background as well as the floating shelf adding a touch of colour with emerald satin lacquered drawers are the main feature to that wall. Across the entrance we chose golden mosaic as a backdrop to the bookcase, each material was selected to achieve a sophisticated yet relaxed atmosphere.

Isabelle put a lot of attention when selecting wallcoverings for the project, some giving a soft background and others to set the tone to the space. The wallpaper leading up the staircase was a favourite choice of the Client. Its jewel green hue and Art Deco motifs in Gold are giving the staircase its unique signature.

Entering the master bedroom – Isabelle brought the same sense of glamour and comfort, tonalities of mauve and teal were chosen for the soft finishes of the bedroom with accents of polished gold to bring in the Art Deco style. The headboard and bed design are the main signature of the room and gives it its unique style – blending both quiet chic and a sophisticated ambiance. By adding a beautiful vanity make up table, an end of the bed bench and some bookshelves the room breathes femininity and elegance. The reading corner with a lounge chair and resting stool adds to the sense of comfort and spaciousness.

Isabelle adds “working from home is now a new way forward and putting thought and effort into the owners home office was a must.” We paid particular attention to the office’s background so when the client was having her online meetings she would have an elegant and curated environment. The accent wallpaper was chosen carefully not to distract during the meetings, yet Isabelle wanted to ensure it would be reflective of her personality. To give the right impression – quiet sophistication with a touch of lightness – an image she brings out naturally and that needed to be supported in her décor.

“In our new working environment your office design is the window to your soul…” Isabelle made sure it was exactly doing that!

Our client’s daughter is her “mini me” – and it was a great adventure to work with this decisive little woman. We listened and understood her wishes of designing her dream room. Keeping in style with Art Deco with gradient pink and purple hues in the wallcovering and rug– she understood the importance to “blend” her room with the rest of the home – we specially designed a custom wallcovering to suit her taste… diamonds are a girl’s best friend! And it is certainly so for her! The feature in the room is a

suspending glamour chair dressed up with a parma violet-coloured velvet bow.

Accessories and Art were part of the journey and each item they owned were giving their place and the shelves were filled by carefully selecting each to add to the design and combining usage with glamour and beauty.

“Flowers were the final touch…they do make a home feel loved.” Highlights Isabelle Miaja.

“This journey of building our client’s home was both enriching and rewarding. I always share with my team that the essential role of a designer is to translate even the untold, unexpressed wishes of a family that ultimately will live in those spaces – Designing a home is both a story of style and knowing how to translate a client’s wish. Knowing when to guide and when to listen, so that its owners feel at home in their home.” – Isabelle Miaja

“Ultimately your project becomes a home that must belong to its owners and the designer must know when to disappear and hopefully one day become a guest.” – Isabelle Miaja



Tat Ming Wallpaper ( – Wallcovering Company

Pepperwall ( – Wallcovering Company

Advance Sport Technologies ( – Artificial Plants and Grass

Avenir Maison ( – Resin Wall

Rugged ( – Custom Carpets

EINC ( – Decorative Lighting


Original Design & Concept by Isabelle Miaja.

For more information and project inquiry, please visit:

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