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Quarterly Newsletter | September 2023


We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of two remarkable projects, the Lotte Hotel Busan and Tomlinson Heights Residences, that have been in the works. In this edition of Miaja Design Group's newsletter, we are excited to provide you with in-depth project coverage, showcasing the creativity and innovation that went into these projects. We hope that you enjoy this coverage, and we look forward to sharing our next achievements in the next edition.

– Isabelle Miaja, Managing & Creative Director


| Project Highlight |

Lotte Hotel Busan – South Korea Pool, Bar & Café Renovation

Project Completion 2023 Conceptual Architecture, Interior Design & Landscape by Miaja Design Group

From the Three Kingdoms period to today, auspicious symbolisms in Korean history have represented people’s aspirations for a better life. Bringing those symbolisms into our designs, we aim to bring a holistic and meaningful approach to the space we are creating. Seven Treasure Café and Pool Garden brings back the past by using traditional Korean patterns, seen as visual art detailed with symbolism, value, emotion and giving them a modern approach.

We aimed to create an oasis of peacefulness and harmony, with Nature at the centre of the concept connecting the rooftop with its visual mountainous surroundings. A design in full symbiosis between its past culture and rich history and it magnificent Natural environment.

Onsite Conditions Prior to Design & Renovation:

Construction in progress:

Following two years of renovation, the Lotte Hotel Busan now stands as a vibrant symbol of urban renewal. Through meticulous planning and innovative design, we've breathed new life into this space, transforming it into a contemporary haven that harmonizes seamlessly with the dynamic energy of Busan. The hotel's refurbished areas effortlessly combine modern aesthetics with the city's distinctive charm.


| Project Highlight |

Tomlinson Heights Singapore

Project Completion 2023 Interior Design & Art Consultancy by Miaja Design Group

Miaja Design Group's origins have always been rooted with the art of crafting dream homes. Working closely with individuals, couples, and families, we've honed our expertise in bringing their visions to life. Our journey took us to the heart of central Singapore, where Tomlinson Heights became the canvas for our latest project. A Rare Blend of Character and Elegance

At Tomlinson Heights, our mission was to infuse a rare blend of character and poise into the fabric of design. The result was the stunning re-imagination of a six-bedroom residence, where every detail reflects our commitment to creating spaces that resonate with our client's dreams and desires.

Accessed via a private lift lobby, the grand double-volume living area stands as the signature feature of this remarkable Tomlinson Heights residence. Here, the design takes center stage, with a bespoke 'Phi' chandelier, designed by Isabelle Miaja, making the most of the soaring seven-meter ceilings. Beneath this stunning centerpiece, an elegant ensemble takes shape. 'Jensen' swivel armchairs by Minotti and the 'Aurae' sofa by Maxalto come together to create an inviting and sophisticated seating area, where luxury and comfort seamlessly converge.

Elevating Bedrooms with Striking Wall Coverings

In the bedrooms of this Tomlinson Heights residence, we've used striking wall coverings to add depth and personality to each space. The guest room features 'Les Rues de Zanzibar' by Misia Paris, paired with the elegant 'Xi' table lamp from Poltrona Frau. In another bedroom, 'Feroz' in Yellow Fury by Flavor Paper adds a vibrant touch. Meanwhile, in the study, a beautiful Florence Broadhurst feature wall brings a sense of charm and sophistication. These carefully curated wall coverings serve as artistic statements, transforming the bedrooms into havens of unique style and sophistication.

Luxurious Master Suite Retreat

The master suite offers an indulgent escape, featuring a retreat furnished with 'Archibald' armchairs and ottomans by Poltrona Frau. The room is elevated by a custom feature wall covering designed by Emma Hayes, adding a unique touch to the space. A walk-through wardrobe leading to the luxe ensuite in two extravagant marble finishes.


| Press Highlight |

Elle Décor India Featurette Elevation 2.0 by Isabelle Miaja


| Events |

Global Hospitality Talks 2023

Reinventing the rules of hotel design Seasoned leaders share thoughts on the challenges of leadership and

design and their vision for the future.


"The Essence of Style is to Live the Art of being Unique..." -Isabelle Miaja


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