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'Elevation' Conceptual Guestroom

London, United Kingdom

Concept. Interior Design, Bespoke Furniture & Custom Art Pieces

Project Completed 2019

In November 2019, MIAJA Design Group  showcased their Nature & Asian Philosophy inspired guestroom set at Hospitality Conference Sleep & Eat. The final set presented at the Olympia London showcased a luxurious hotel room with a conservationist ethos, featuring a series of customised Art & Design elements by Isabelle Miaja and carefully selected partners from all over the world.

The project brief was to explore one of the major issues today; the connection – and disconnection with other human beings as a result of the technology driven world we live in. Sociologists are raising concerned questions about the fact that people spend less time together physically and warning that technology is creating a parallel world distancing us from our humanity. Taking on the theme of “Social FlexAbility” MIAJA Design Group was challenged to design a flexible and engaging space where guests can activate the social experience of their choice.

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