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Press Release: Ozen Resort by Atmosphere Madhoo Finolhu Island REPUBLIC OF MALDIVES by Julian Miaja

Ozen draws its inspiration from its Natural surroundings and takes from Nature its colour tonalities. Blending sea, sand and earth, its aspiration is to levitate and transcend expectations, without changing the essence of the beauty that makes this island a true Maldivian experience.

Ozen Resort was designed with what is natural in mind - a constant awareness of nature's inherent beauty offering timeless appeal in the details and the overall impact of the property. This is best felt with the Guest Villas of the resort, of which there are two kinds, each aiming to respond to a different facet of nature.

Villas by the beachside are aptly called Earth Villas, as they are reminiscent of innocent childhood memories of being in the beach, with the sand under your feet. Colours are warm, familiar. Furnishings are comfortably proportioned, and accented with details such as mother of pearl and bamboo. Villas above water are called Wind Villas as they recall the feeling of the breeze in your hair; colours are cool and shapes are fluid to invoke dreaminess and serenity. The bedhead features fish sculptures floating above you against a wallcovering recalling the Maldivian seas.

Elevating dining to a complete sensory experience, each restaurant in the property is designed to have an individual theme. The Palm Bay All Day Dining Restaurant is soulful with trees enveloping dining nooks, and patterns on the floor and walls echoing plant life and flora. Traditions Restaurant has a dual identity, with the interior space divided into Peking (Chinese) and Indo-Ceylon (Indian); each half features shared architectural shapes and interior furnishings, but with cultural elements portrayed corresponding on each half's flavours. Joie de Vivre overlooks the resort's Main Pool - spread over a wide expanse of water and colour, the features are vibrant, setting an upbeat motif for relaxed gatherings.

On its own island is the Underwater Restaurant and Bar. It is designed to be a destination on its own, with chic details evoking modernity and exclusivity.

The property’s spa complex, called Elena by Atmosphere, features a juice bar with comfortably allocated furnishings. One is then led to one of the treatment rooms where one is meant to feel ensconced in luxury and warmth.

Finally, for the highly discerning guest, one may opt to stay at the Ocean Villa which stands on an island of its own. In here, the feeling of luxury is made palpable with the scale of the space and the carefully curated furnishings.

Enhancing the whole Resort, a carefully curated Art collection was specially defined to suit each and every space. Working with re known artists from Europe and Asia, Ozen stands to become a haven for discerning clients who are both aware of the simplicity that is implicit when it comes to luxury and the natural beauty that has been infused in each step of the design. Ozen…scintillating Natural Nature…

Article by: Julian Miaja

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