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Club Med Sahoro

Hokkaido, Japan

Interior Design & Art Consultancy

Project completed 2019

Surrounded by a magnificent Hidaka mountain range, guests can experience the exclusivity of a privatelyowned mountain on Mount Sahoro and be amazed by the fine Japanese powder snow and beautiful landscape while zipping down the pristine slopes. 


Traditional Japanese culture is at the forefront of Club Med Sahoro Hokkaido’s design philosophy with a blend of authentic Ainu designs and the latest modern amenities. The fresh new look is reflected in the newly refurbished rooms that combine a level of nuanced modernity with traditional Japanese aesthetics while preserving the beauty and splendour of the Ainu culture.

Embracing Indigenous Ainu Culture 

Guests can immerse in the hidden traditions of the Ainu, an indigenous group hailing from Hokkaido, Japan at Club Med. Known as the “bear people”, the group use a myriad of patterns and carvings to create craft pieces that express their appreciation of nature to decorate a variety of everyday items. The concept is reflected in Club Med Sahoro’s design, integrating the traditional carvings, weavings and embroideries of the Ainu with a modern sleek aesthetic. 


Guest can learn more about Ainu culture and traditions, such as the traditional Ainu attire called ‘Kaparamip’, which are usually made with Fabric woven from the bark of indigenous trees, with distinguishing Ainu patterns traditionally passed down from mother to daughter, making each design uniquely different. These designs are evident throughout the resort.

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