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Designing Homes - Minimalism & Art "Humania" by Isabelle Miaja


Starting this series with my first project which I titled “Humania” inspired by Modern Minimalism was almost cathartic – We are living unprecedented times that pushed everyone to take refuge home with little or no distraction but the sound of our voice and the murmur of our thoughts – Faced with Isolation we are forced to reconsider our lifestyle and our priorities – which for many will be the start of a new internal birth, one that will change the course of their lives and for some the start of new dreams or bringing to life old ones, shelved by necessity or fears.

Minimalism goes beyond design -It’s a practice of awareness and intention regarding your belongings, time, and energy.

For many the phrase “Less is more” is a motto by which they live by, simplicity rules their lives. This expression first appeared in a poem by Robert Browning, Andrea del Sarto, in the year 1855.

Yet do much less, so much less…Well, less is more, Lucrezia; I am judged.

As a designer – I aim to create a space using this expression as a philosophy or inspiration to design things that are simple, yet beautiful.

Another early user of the phrase was Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1886-1969), an architect who used it when referring to the desirability of less visual clutter in the building of homes.

“Humania” is about monochromatic colours in a space that lets you breathe – I chose Cutie armchair from Munna Design for its clean lines but also for the long-haired fantasy fur – as the main piece of furniture combined with Michael Anastassiades chandelier helps to create the perfect minimalistic harmony.

Art is an intrinsic part of my life and I feel that Navarra’s newest series of work, titled ‘Silent Cities” and the total absence of life in his Metaphysical Art increases this sensation of empty, magical silence. A dialogue between Design and Art that perfectly depicts the world we currently live in.

People crave authenticity. Many are coming to realise that when you peel back the layers of superficiality you find that the simple authentic core is more beautiful and complex. That’s the goal- to find beauty and freedom in the world we live in.

As a movement, the destination is clear- to simplify and become intentional through less and to quote the title of a book by Slyvia Boorstein, a meditation teacher: “Don't just do something, sit there!”

“Humania” is my answer to Minimalist design – A space that lets you pause, reflect and let go….

Choosing “Wonderwall” by World Renowned Fine Art photographer David Yarrow – was to emphasise the sense of Freedom one finds surrounded by Nature – “​Iceland is so raw, so geologically angry and so unique that a visiting artist is truly tested to do it justice” recounts David Yarrow when in Skogafoss during his shooting – The pure magic David draws out photographing a Waterfall and a horse in such a wild surrounding is still palpable when looking at his work on our wall – you could almost hear the thunder of the water and the powerful yet elegant stride of the horse coming at you and it’s a pure emotional moment – set in our Minimalist Design – it is the pure expression of Feeling –

“You don’t take a photograph. You ask quietly to borrow it.” It is indeed what Minimalism is about – it changes the game by changing the expectation.

Isabelle Miaja

May 2020




Side Table:

Wall Covering:


Artwork (left):

Wonderwall – Iceland (2018) by David Yarrow

170 x 127 cm - Archival Pigment Print

Price Available Upon Request.

Artwork (right):

Il Grifone con altri cinque trainava il cocchio di GIOVE,….poi un giorno

Si perse…guinse a una Citta…ma nessuno poteva auitarlo … era Vuota… era



34×46 cm – Acrylic on paper

Price Available Upon Request.

Artwork (left):

La NINFEA generava solo eroi…ma in quella Città …neppure loro servirono…. la Città era Vuota



34×46 cm – Acrylic on paper

Price Available Upon Request.

Original Design by Isabelle Miaja.

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