Isabelle Miaja started as an Interior designer in the US  – creating designs for Homes in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and Park Avenue New York – Later extending her Savoir Faire to Hotels.


Moving to Asia was a decisive move for her career. Beginning in Singapore was a learning experience – Starting again with Homes in the Lion City, she had to learn a new of life and new cultures – 


Integrating Fung Shui and applying her skills with a whole different approach –She had to reinvent herself, bringing Europe back into her designs to blend East and West Creativity with her unique personal signature. 


Art has always been part of her life as a child growing up – Her French grand-father being a Bronze Sculpteur , her Grand-uncle being the National Poet of Spain, paintings and Art Objects surrounded her since birth – Integrating her past into her Designs came naturally and gives her work that unique style.


Today, Isabelle Miaja is the Creative Director of Miaja Design Group. Chosen as one of the World most influential Designer, her portfolio includes Award winning City Hotels and Resorts, some of which she designed the Architecture – blending Culture, Art and creating stories which take root in the fabric of the place the project is being built is expressed through her passion for everything beautiful and meaningful.


Putting Art at the centre of her Designs and opening two Art galleries- Miaja Gallery and Miaja Art Collections -  to support the known and upcoming artists she encounters as she travels the world – Isabelle Miaja is adding Publishing to her skills and started Last Year her first Art and Design magazine – Journal Artistique – It summarises what she believes in – Art & Design are the Pillars of every society – recognising and supporting Art is her Raison d’Etre – and she hopes to help talents be recognised by showcasing them through her work

Portfolio Magazine_Isabelle 2019